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Florida Health Care Reform Act


The United States healthcare system has weakened over the decades.  It is apparent Congress cannot see any way clear to health care reform that can be utilized by all, no matter their age, gender or condition(s). 

EVERY individual in the State of Florida deserves to have health care best suited for them without having to take on overwhelming debt to pay for it. Taking into account the amount of stress that the healthcare system has cost in mental anguish alone is a detriment to our overall health not only in the State of Florida, but across the entire United States. Just one example starts with hospitals and doctors’ offices charging inflated prices for every imaginable item no matter how small. Those nickel and dime items get billed to whatever insurance company, and in no time flat these expenses become unmanageable and an outright dishonest game.

As Governor, Bruce Nathan’s Administration will be a capitalistic system of an original buy in of health care services tailored to each individual’s needs.

Persons who are healthy, and don't see the doctor often, will pay much less accordingly into this system.  

Persons who have more health issues will, in turn, pay marginally more with a combination of subsidies from the insurance companies and the state.

The costs under Governor Nathan’s plan will be minimal compared with today's healthcare package. Reductions in healthcare expenses will be implemented in some Florida areas deemed to be available or deemed as a community ‘Buy In’, where a reasonable price is paid, a small deductible is met and 20% would be the responsibility of patient throughout each year. To make this clear, 20% of reasonable doctor's or hospital expenses will not be an amount of money that is a burden to the average citizen.

Pre-existing conditions will no longer be considered meaning patients will get the health care they need. Patients will be given the option to change their plan from year-to-year. All doctors in the state of Florida will be instrumental to this plan as it is not only fair in reference to their pay, but also to the patients in their cost. Preventative medicine implementation will work to keep costs down. We MUST look at health care from a position of compassion and stop using the sick to inflate profits. No more ‘cash cows’, just patients getting the quality affordable healthcare we ALL deserve as American citizens. The full Florida Health Care Plan implemented under the authority of Governor Bruce Nathan will be online for review by the voters well before the election.

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